Welcome to my website. I am IWONA and I can be your sensual masseuse.

"I spent one hour with Iwona and it blew my expectations out of the water. She is truly angelic, sophisticated and pretty, definitely an experience not to be missed!" - Brian

About Me

My name is Iwona, I'm a student who is looking for extra income while on summer break.
I'm a young pretty 24 year young petite girl who really knows how to tease and please a man.
I'm a petite brunette, size 8 with a curvy body all in the right places.

I love my *extra curriculum* work and enjoy every second, but more importantly, I know, you will leave with a BIG smile on your face!!!

I have a dreadful time describing or summing myself up. Sources suggest that I'm funny and intelligent, empathetic, 'cool' (as in the Fonz, not the White Witch), intuitive, creative, fun... and probably more, but I'm usually blushing too loudly to hear.

Some key Me points:
- I'm one of those extroverted introverts who's shy but loves to talk if you get me going.
- I'm dying to try all the cafes and restaurants that are popping up every day in my neck of the non-woods (NW London).
- I can be wry and witty or chatty and silly, depending on my mood and, of course, the mood of present company.

Still here? Fantastic, let's move on then...

Erotic Massage

If you desire a wonderful bodywork session by a gifted young masseuse, you’ve come to the
right place. Experience the power of pleasure and pure relaxation. I have often been told that my bodywork session is the best people have ever had.

My bodywork is like a silky, sensual caress from head to toe, blending in light work on those tight muscles, and Classic Bodywork spiced up a bit. I’m easy-going and love to chat or enjoy relaxed silence in our time together. It’s a great time to fully relax and surrender into my knowledgeable and delicious care. You will enjoy a lush, non-rushed session of pampering from head to toe.

My massage combines a variety of relaxation techniques using pressure point stimulation, deep tissue massage yogic stimulation and ultimately orgasmic gratification. An extraordinary relaxing full body to body and HAND RELIEF that will blow your mind, body and soul!

Touching me is allowed, but obviously the extent will vary with the way the meeting goes. Going slowly and being guided by my reaction is crucial. Stating the obvious perhaps, but acting with respect, being gentle and better familiarization between us will usually engender a more accommodating attitude from me.

Please note: I DON'T do Full Service or B.J, please DON'T even ask!!

Balls Massage

Balls Massage is one of the greatest and purest pleasures a man can receive. You will feel as if you have been touched by the heavens. Your body will experience an all over tingling sensation, one that builds up.

I will give you my full attention, the massage focuses entirely on your erogenous zones at your front and your penis, testicles and scrotum. Once started, the most important thing is to let yourself go. Submit yourself to the pleasure and never fight it. Do exactly as instructed in order to receive pleasure that you can be sure you will never get any other way. When you cannot take it any longer, you will be able to release. This is quite easily one of the greatest experiences. I know how to properly prolong the massage and ensure that the massage, and you, last as long as you want. When you do climax, the experience will be out-of-this-world. To most men, Balls Massage is a level of pleasure and pure ecstasy that just cannot be attained in any other way.

Please note: I DON'T do Full Service or B.J, please DON'T even ask!!

Mutual Massage

Are you ready for a special kind of experience? Do you wish to take an active part in this sensual massage?
Do you want to let me sprinkle warm oil over you? Then the erotic mutual massage is just right for you!

With the mutual massage a rollercoaster of sensations awaits you when we both massage each other's bodies in turn. Gentle stroking, a variety of massage techniques, and erotica are all included in this journey into the depth of your senses, filled with sensuality and empathy for your body and soul.

You will be thrilled with everything that happens to you and everything you feel. This form of erotic massage requires a lot of trust and empathy on both sides and you will no doubt understand that the mutual massage is a naughty & fun way of getting to know each other.

I look forward to a loving and erotic mutual massage with you ...

Please note: I DON'T do Full Service or B.J, please DON'T even ask!!

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* EROTIC B2B Massage with exciting HE:
60 min - £100
90 min - £140
120 min - £180

* BALLS Massage & B2B Massage & shuddering HE:
60 min - £120
90 min - £160
120 min - £200

* Mutual B2B Massage & mind blowing HE:
60 min - £140
90 min - £180
120 min - £220

Please note: I DON'T do Full Service or B.J, please DON'T even ask!!


My general availablity is from 11am until 10pm, 3-4 days a week and I am only contactable between 10am and 10pm. I am rarely available on short notice, so I recommend booking in advance.

If you call and I cannot answer my phone please text me and I'll you as soon as I am available.

Call Directly

Call Me: 07448448308

For incall customers, my clean flat is located in FINCHLEY ROAD, just 5 minutes walk from the tube station - FINCHLEY Road.